This blog/podcast focuses on the people engaged in building more resilient, localized and regenerative systems for a livable planet. It is a platform that give grassroots organisations a voice and a possibility to connect with one another. As more and more people take their first steps towards radically changing their lives, this collection of stories of transitions makes up a larger narrative on how new worlds are born from below, one story at a time.

The use of “worlds” in plural indicates that the changes that occur at the grassroots level are nodes in a ‘pluriverse‘, a network of a myriad of regenerative solutions emerging in multiple places where people are realigning themselves with the wider web of life which they themselves are part of. The word ‘transition’ indicate that these emerging pluriversal worlds are in constant movement as people together with their nonhuman allies consciously transform their life-sustaining relations in place.

The podcast is part of the Academy of Finland research project Organising from the grassroots – territorial movements and their role in building sustainable futures lead by Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes, Assistant Professor at Hanken School of Economics. The project has also received funding from the Swedish Culture Foundation and Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth’s foundation. Due to their relevance as historic perspectives on the contemporary Swedish speaking minority culture in Finland, the initials 11 pods have been donated to the Swedish Literature Foundation’s archives. The project has been explain more in detail in this SÖS-Talks, a local version of Tedtalks produced by the Swedish Ostrobothnian Foundation in 2019.

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