Judith D. Schwartz: Regenerating Planetary Life through Soil, Water, Cows and Reindeers

Judith D. Schwartz is a journalist and author living in the mountains of Vermont. In her earlier career, she wrote articles for women’s magazines, about women’s health, and personal development. During the 2008 economic downturn, Judith started to ask herself questions about the origins of wealth creation. How can GDP be a measure of prosperity while not accounting for the wellbeing of nature? The questions led her on a journey of discovery of how soils are the source of true wealth creation in a healthy society. In her two books, titled “Cows Save the Planet” and “Water in Plain Sight”, Judith writes about the role of animal-land dynamics in restoring soils and the availability of clean water. In this conversation, we talk about how everything in nature is connected and how Judith’s insights on grazing animals led her to connect with Sami reindeer herders and other grassroots movements that promote soil restoration to address problems related to human and ecological health.

The pods in this series are available on: Anchor; Breaker; Google Podcast; Overcast; Pocket Cast; Radio Public; Spotify; Soundcloud.

Editing: Tommi Ranta

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