Magdalena Urioste on practising regenerative farming in Uruguay

Magdalena Urioste in Uruguay calls herself a woman of the land. She grew up with ranching grandparents and parents and always wanted to have her own farm. But because of her gender and her economic circumstance that was not possible when she was young. Instead, she lived many years abroad and worked in the education sector before returning to her homelands to start a regenerative farm. She speaks of the incredible journey into revitalizing degraded land by applying holistic management practices to the soil and the effects this has on leading a healthy life. She also speaks of the alternative markets, community schools and the women’s network that she has been involved in setting up to create a regenerative culture in different parts of Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

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Editing; Tommi Ranta
Photo: Guillermo/Ocho Producciones

One thought on “Magdalena Urioste on practising regenerative farming in Uruguay

  1. Magdalena this is amazing! I am very interested and will continue to listen. I want to come visit. It would be wonderful to see you and Santiago and your wonderful farm. You are making a difference and your country and the world thank you! Meg

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