Blain Hjertaas on Going from Grains to Grass to Achieve Soil Regeneration

Blain Hjertaas is a third generation farmer with a lifetime of experience from the family farm near Redvers, Saskatchewan, Canada. About 20 years ago, Blain transitioned from conventional hi-tech grain production to holistic management principles, incorporating multi-species rotational grazing on grasslands, mimicking what the bison used to do on the same land several hundred years ago. After seeing the amazing changes on his land, Blain developed a passion for soil health and became an educator on how to switch land practices to help regenerate the landscape. In this conversation we speak of the remarkable changes he witnessed when the land that he cares for started coming back to life after decades of ploughing and grain farming.

The pod is available at SoundcloudAnchorBreakerGoogle Podcasts; Apple PodcastsOvercastPocket CastsRadio Public; and Spotify.

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