Donna and James Winter-Irving on their journey into regenerative agriculture in Australia

Donna and James Winter-Irving from Nagambie in Victoria, Australia, have transitioned from conventional to regenerative agriculture. Initially, it was Donna’s interest in permaculture that convinced her there must be another way to do farming in the dry landscapes of Australia. After attending a course on holistic management, the couple started to apply what they had learned in their own field. During this conversation we speak about the remarkable results they have seen related to both the profitability of the farm and how the land has responded as they have changed how they tend the land. We also speak about how important a community of support is for those making this kind of transition, and how holistic management, as a land practice, differs from permaculture, which is widely known in Australia where this land-based philosophy and teaching was originally invented.

Editing: Magdalena Lindroos

Available At: Soundcloud, AnchorBreakerGoogle Podcasts; Apple PodcastsOvercastPocket CastsRadio Public; and Spotify.

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