Precious Phiri: Healing community and land through regenerative agriculture in Zimbabwe

Precious Phiri is a training and development specialist in regenerative agricultural practices and community organizing in Zimbabwe. Her main interest lies in working with rural communities to fight and reverse poverty, desertification, loss of wildlife, and climate change and its effects. She has recently founded an organization called EarthWisdom with the knowledge of her 9 year career as a Senior Facilitator at the Africa Centre for Holistic Management (ACHM) in Zimbabwe. In this conversation we talk about how regenerative management is not only healing land but also communities in areas that are marked by the legacy of colonialism. Precious knows how to work with communities and get them to unite on the common goal of healing land, and she also talks about the importance of tackling historic backgrounds and myths mindsets that may prohibit communities from engaging in transformative actions that can change the trajectory of the lives of the people and their lands.

The pod is available at: SoundcloudAnchorBreakerGoogle Podcasts; Apple PodcastsOvercastPocket CastsRadio Public; and Spotify.

Editing: Magdalena Lindroos

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