Jon Lundgren about how regenerative farming supports insects and bees

Jonathan Lundgren used to be one of the leading entomologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, promoting the use of various insecticides on farmlands to combat pests. After listening to farmers who managed to enhance biodiversity on their farms using regenerative practices, Jonathan started asking himself questions about the negative impacts of the scientific results he was producing. Today Jonathan is no longer working for the USDA but has set up Blue Dasher farm in South Dakota. Here he uses his research to demonstrate how regenerative agriculture is part of the solution to build more resilient, diversified and pesticide-free food systems. We discuss the role of the scientist in the transition towards farming methods that support the health of insects, soils, people and the planet.

The pod is available at SoundcloudAnchorBreakerGoogle Podcasts; Apple PodcastsOvercastPocket CastsRadio Public; and Spotify.

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