Kevin Maher on Fostering Regenerative Futures through Agroforestry Projects

Kevin Maher is a former commodity trader that became an agroforestry entrepreneur in upstate New York in the US. When one of his children got a rare food intolerance, Kevin started looking into the food and food production system. This started him down the path of agriculture; first becoming a member of a local Community Supported Agriculture, getting involved in the Transition Town movement and eventually doing some small scale farming himself. Through his involvement in local food production, he realized that agriculture can be a leverage point that bring people with capital together with people who know how to create a healthy ecosystems that sequester carbon and increase biodiversity. In our conversation, we talk about the potentials that large scale investments in agroforestry have for producing nourishing food, and building strong local economies.

Interview: Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes
Editing: Magdalena Lindroos
Photo: Sam Brooks Walker

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One thought on “Kevin Maher on Fostering Regenerative Futures through Agroforestry Projects

  1. Ronnie C and Kevin are great.
    I’m a small scale Regenerative Farmer dedicated to supplying free organic regeneratively grown non gmo produce to my local food banks. When I heard I was the first person to offer this food bank fresh produce and the first time they ever supplied it to the community. Well how do you not double the size of your farm and grow for the good of the people.
    Carbon farming is the only way we preserve this land for the next generations .
    To all of you , us, we that dedicate time and sweat … we salute you!
    To our future
    In peace , in solidarity
    Keith Rabin


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